Founded in 1977, Beerta AbusitA is one of the oldest agricultural businesses in Somaliland. The farm has undergone several changes over the years. In the 1970s, the farm had hundreds of workers and delivered substantial quantities of fruit and vegetables to several markets. The farm has a total of 100 hectares and is located close to the large valley that runs through the centre of Hargeisa. After the Somali Civil War, most of the infrastructure was destroyed, and the farm uses today only 5% of available land. Somadvice has been contracted to upscale, professionalise and mechanize the entire farm.

Services we will provide in collaboration with our partners:
- Advanced business management training with focus on strategy development, economy and growth planning.
- Training in agribusiness development such as understanding risk (insect pests, fluctuating prices from season to season), diversification, market opportunities and yield potentials.
- Technical assistance to improve workers’ knowledge and best practices that will increase the productivity of the farm.
- Thorough business plan with focus on crop diversification, mechanization and proper training of the workforce to the improve the production and efficiency of the farm.