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“We are an international consulting house that supports our clients as they make important decisions on investment strategy, market entry and business setup in the Horn of Africa.”

Our aim is to provide efficient consulting services through in-depth understanding of the complexities involved when operating in fragile states.

Our comprehensive services support businesses worldwide at every stage of the decision-making processes.

Somadvice delivers on-the-ground insight and trusted business intelligence to companies and investors active in and entering the Horn of Africa. Identifying opportunities early on and connecting clients with decision-makers and partners across multiple industries, Somadvice is your trusted local partner.

The public sector in the Horn of Africa needs real capacity building so it can be more efficient with budget scarcity affecting its services, every available resource must be seen to have maximum impact on citizens and communities.

Somadvice supports the public sector by providing:

– Efficient and effective use of resources

– Acces to funding, partners and relevant stakeholders

– Better engagement of citizens and customers in identification of local priorities

– Effective medium-term measurement of progress towards longer term outcomes

– Improved partnership working by identification of joint outcomes and effective measurement of contributions of all partners

– Alignment of service and partnership business planning frameworks with the delivery of outcomes for communities

It is very difficult for international non-profit organizations (INGO’s) to navigate the Horn of Africa. There is a complicated web of stakeholders, projects and programs that you have to keep track of. Not to mention other important elements pertaining to security, local laws, culture and other practicalities. Somadvice will use our years of experience in the region to help your organization get a good foothold, ensuring your organization a sustainable establishment and long-term success.

We support the INGO’s with:

– Establishment of local organization including the preparation of legal documents, etc.

– Acces to funding, partners and relevant stakeholders.

– Local project management including administration, HR management, monitoring and evaluation.

– Qualified security & insurance solutions that ensure the safety of your local employees.

– Deep understanding of the local working culture and people.

Somadvice helps you tap the full potential of your business while avoiding local challenges and pitfalls. Whether you are entering the local market, bidding on a contract or managing a project, understanding the communication styles and cultural values of the locals is vital to your success. We are ready to facilitate all the necessary processes, so you can focus on your work.

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We are a “one stop consultancy” that adjust our services to meet all your needs.

01.  Market research

We provide comprehensive access to in-depth local market information, business opportunity analysis and general insight into the local business culture.

02.  A-Z business setup

We will facilitate your entire setup process, from completing registration and worker recruitment to providing needed support on financing, tax and legal issues.

03.  Local management

Somadvice helps you manage your local projects from administration and HR management to operations, monitoring and evaluation.

04.  Local sale

We will help you identify strategic partners, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders, generate qualified prospect leads, provide client management and more.

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